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Apparently cookies are used on each of my blogs so I need to let you know that they are used. That's literally all I know about them 'cos I personally haven't got a clue what they are or what they are used for and the only information I collect is on the Stories 4 Children site when you apply to be a member but I don't sell it to anyone. Ever. I'm not a spammer or even a small business owner, I'm just me - an individual with personal websites and blogs that you can see up there ^^.
You know as much as me now - the only information I store is your emails to me and anything above basic HTML and CSS I haven't got a clue about.

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If you fancy studying online, take a look at the courses I reckon you should NOT take.

OTOH, these are Amanda's completed courses - it's an ever-growing list lol

Looking to the future, these are my current and future courses:

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  • Interview with a social worker (Beginner 1hr)

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News from around the world (updated most days)

I've literally just (5pm on 5th December 2020) found an awesome way to get news from around the world about studying and websites! Come back here regularly to see the stuff that I've found most interesting... they will prolly just be links to the full piece elsewhere on the interwebs but as soon as I find out the information, I'll put it below. I'm hoping it'll be a pretty much daily thing and I'm gonna leave these links up for few days at a time so that this page doesn't get too long and take forever to load so make sure you come back every day to catch up on all the latest links!

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20th October 2021

Why You Should Probably Invest In A (New) Website

Young people not in education, employment or training (NEET), UK: November 2022

Senate passes legislation to give parents, students additional tools toward successful education

Advocating for Afghan girls' education

Colin Powell is recalled for priority he put on education, hard work, goals

Will England go it alone and reverse university expansion?

Biden signs order creating commissions to improve education for Black U.S. students

Families between care, education and work: The effects of the pandemic on educational inequalities in Italy and Milan

New Aim High CEO to Focus on Fighting Systemic Barriers to Education and Northern California's Growing Teacher Shortage

Biden signs order creating commissions to improve education for Black U.S. students

Education is complicated

WashU Expert: Teaching about race in K-12 education

House Democrats Rally to Preserve Biden Plan’s Free Community College Provision

Education is a ray of light in the darkness

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Links and webrings

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