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Apparently cookies are used on each of my blogs so I need to let you know that they are used. That's literally all I know about them 'cos I personally haven't got a clue what they are or what they are used for and the only information I collect is on the Stories 4 Children site when you apply to be a member but I don't sell it to anyone. Ever. I'm not a spammer or even a small business owner, I'm just me - an individual with personal websites and blogs that you can see up there ^^.
You know as much as me now - the only information I store is your emails to me and anything above basic HTML and CSS I haven't got a clue about.

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Amazon - my favourite online book shop
Dog's Trust - we re-homed Mitzi from this charity

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DO NOT take courses with this company!! Learn from my mistake of believing they were ready for students!

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