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Finished courses on OpenLearn:

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Amanda's beginner OpenLearn studies
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Amanda's advanced OpenLearn studies

Finished courses on FutureLearn:

Improving Children's Lives (they wanted £62 to take a test and get a certificate if I passed - no chance! It's supposed to be a free course!!)

Finished courses on

Web page design using html5 and css3
Parental Separation - Implications for the School
Smarter Learning - Improve Your Study Skills and Practices
English Writing Skills
Diploma in Children's Studies
Fundamentals of Childhood and Youth Studies
Diploma in Mental Health Studies
Diploma in Basic English Grammar
Mental Health Studies - Understanding Behaviour, Burnout and Depression
Introduction to Managing Your Personal Finance Debts
Diploma in Health Studies
Psychology - Memory and Cognition
Word 2016 - Features and Functionality
Introduction to Time Management
Introduction to Common Medical Conditions
Personal Health and Fitness
Fundamentals of Marketing Your Business Online
Learning to Learn Online
HIV/AIDS - Awareness & Prevention
Global Health Initiative: Diabetes Awareness
Microsoft Digital Literacy - Computer Basics
Microsoft Digital Literacy - IT Basics, Internet & Productivity Programs
Microsoft Digital Literacy - The Internet and the World Wide Web
Microsoft Digital Literacy - Digital Lifestyles
Diploma in Educational Psychology
Healthy Living
Behaviour-Based Safety
Drug-Free Workplace
Fundamentals of Human-Computer Information Retrieval
Understanding Advanced Search using Google Search
Understanding Information Theory
Health Guidelines for Avoiding Infectious Diseases

Finished courses on New Skills Academy:

Interview Skills and CV Writing Certificate
Level 3 Child Psychology Diploma
SEND Diploma
Pet Psychology Diploma
Canine Communication Diploma
Safeguarding Children Certificate
Nursery Assistant Certificate
Mental Wellbeing in Children and Young People Certificate
Touch Typing and Shorthand Certificate
Master Planning Certificate
Improve Your Assertiveness Certificate
Working in Teams Certificate
Boost Your Concentration Certificate
Master Talking to Anyone Certificate
Success Habits Certificate
Communication Basics Certificate
Face to Face Customer Service Certification
Learning Strategies Certificate
Dealing with Stress, Anxiety & Depression in the Workplace Certificate
GDPR Certificate
Equality, Diversity and Discrimination Certificate
Writing Skills Certificate
Advanced English Spelling Certificate
Personal Development & Career Enhancement Certificate
Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Certificate
Anti-Bullying and Bullying Prevention Diploma
Body Language Diploma
Dealing with Difficult People and Situations Certificate
Improving Personal Effectiveness Certificate
Parental Rights Certificate
Punctuation Mastery Certificate
Blog Creation Certificate
Wedding Planning Diploma
Kids Party Planner Diploma
Emotional Intelligence Certificate
The Power of the Mind Certificate
Pet First Aid Certificate
How to Handle Social Media Criticism Certificate
Link Building for SEO
Online Security Certificate
Herbal Health Certificate
Child Protection Certificate
Disability Awareness Certificate
Mindfulness for Children
EYFS Teaching Diploma
Child Internet Safety Certificate
Combined EYFS & Child Internet Safety Diploma
Anxiety Awareness Diploma
Self-harm Awareness Certificate
Introduction to REBT: Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy Certificate
Dental Care Certificate
Depression Awareness Diploma
Anxiety & Depression Awareness Diploma
Colour Therapy Certificate
Pet Nutrition Diploma
Sound Healing Certificate
How to Improve Your Mental Health Certificate
Holistic Health Certificate
Proofreading Basics Certificate
Business Letter Writing Certificate
Email Management and Ethics Certificate
Note Taking Certificate
Crystal Healing Certificate
Alternative Healing Therapies Certificate
Mental Health Awareness Certificate
Vlogging Diploma Certificate
Social Media Marketing Certificate
Combined Blogging, Vlogging & Social Media Influencer Diploma
Introduction to Being a Dog Trainer Certificate
Child Attachment Diploma
Finding Motivation to Get Fit and Stay Fit Certificate
How to Stop Smoking Certificate
How to Improve Your Physical Health Certificate
Reiki Diploma Course
Create an Online Business Certificate
Facebook Advertising Certificate
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Diploma
Digital Marketing Diploma
Document Presentation Certificate
Script Writing Certificate
Travel Writing Certificate
Writing Sales Proposals Certificate
How to Write Better Emails Certificate
Email Etiquette Certificate
Researching Certificate
How to Stop Procrastinating Certificate
Be a Better Writer Certificate
British Sign Language
Level 1 HTML & CSS Certificate
Level 1 CSS Certificate
Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
Speech Therapist Introduction Certificate
Customer Relationship Management Certificate
How to Build Resilience Certificate
EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique Certificate
Building Your Confidence and Self-Esteem Certificate
How to Improve Your Sleep Certificate
Build Physical and Mental Resilience Certificate
Child Minding Certificate
Becoming a Higher Level Teaching Assistant Certificate
Computer Maintenance Certificate
Budgeting Basics Certificate
Emergency Procedures in the Workplace Certificate
Key Account Management Certificate
Questioning and Listening Techniques Certificate
Level 1 Programming Certificate
Level 1 C++ Certificate
Negotiation Skills Certificate

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